Optimize Digestion The Natural Way

Optimize Digestion The Natural Way

Digestion plays a huge role in overall health. Our bodily systems depend on our gut to work synergistically to break down our food, absorb nutrients, and make sure harmful substances stay away. This includes a proper amount of stomach acid to break down your food. Our pancreas and stomach work to secrete enzymes to break down fats, carbs & proteins. Our liver works to release bile that gets secreted through our gallbladder. Our small intestine then works to absorb our nutrients. The large intestine works to filter out what we don't need and then gets sent out in our stool. 

Oftentimes our digestion doesn't work properly leaving us unable to absorb nutrients which then makes us suffer from health issues. Our health suffers tremendously if even one of these digestive tools doesn't work properly. 

So what exactly can go wrong if we don't optimize our digestion? Let's take a look:

1. Leaky Gut: Our small intestine is made up of tight junctions that can become loose and allow not only nutrients to come through, but harmful substances that can do damage.

2. Hormone Imbalance: Our hormones are one of the first things to go out of balance when our gut health is in trouble. We aren't just talking about our sex hormones but our hormones associated with our thyroid and adrenal glands. 

3. Thyroid dysfunction: Our thyroid gland controls over 80 metabolic functions. If we aren't absorbing nutrients such as iodine, selenium or tyrosine. We can start to feel chronically fatigued, gain weight, lose hair, and a lot of other issues.

4. Adrenal fatigue: Our adrenal glands control hormones such as cortisol that supports our cardiovascular system such as our heart rate and blood pressure. It also keeps our energy balanced throughout the day and plays a big part in quality of sleep. 

Let's take a look at some ways we can naturally support digestion until we get our gut happy again:

1. Probiotics: Our gut contains trillions of bacteria that control our digestion and our immune system. We often lose good bacteria through antibiotics, diet, and stress. We recommend supplementing with at least 20 billion probiotics and finding a full spectrum of different kinds of bacteria.

2. Digestive Enzymes: We need enzymes to break down proteins, fats & carbs. These are often lacking in our digestion. You need to look for enzymes such as lipase, protease, pancreatin, amylase, etc. 

3. Lower Inflammation: you can consume nutrients such as ginger, turmeric, quercitin, NAC to help lower inflammation to strengthen your immune system. All of these are powerful nutrients to help your gut. 

4. Gut Healing: there are specific immunoglobins that are bovine derived that help to repair gut tissue. A good one to look for is one from colostral whey peptides. 

Combining all of these resources will help to assist in regaining digestion and further improve gut health. Once you start with the foundation, you will see great improvements in overall health. 

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    Hello progressivenutracare.com administrator, Your posts are always well researched and well written.

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    Thank you . It really works.

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