A Simple Breakdown of a Good Supplement Routine

A Simple Breakdown of a Good Supplement Routine

When finding the right supplement routine, it can be very overwhelming to find one that's right for you. The big questions most people have is, what are the right supplements you should be taking? And, what will it do specifically to benefit you?

We like to think of supplements as a way to supplement your body with a specific nutrient that it may be lacking. Due to our poor diet and dealing with leaky gut, we often are not absorbing the right nutrients our body needs to thrive. 

Let's take a look at a few things we should be taking on a daily basis:

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes contain pancreatic enzymes and betaine HCL that support your upper GI system to break down your food so it can be absorbed by our small intestine. We often lack these enzymes because of a poor diet consisting of sugar or we are taking antacids that are depleting our stomach acid levels. This can further lead to nutrient deficiencies and set ourselves up with chronic illness. Here are some enzymes you should look for when picking out an enzyme:






Betaine HCL

Its important to look for at least a couple of these in a supplement to support your digestive system.


Our gut is made up of trillion different types of bugs. They mainly consist of good bugs to help with digestion and keeping our gut lining healthy. But, we also have bad bugs to fight off illness. Most of our bacteria resides in our large intestine so when we consume probiotics, it travels down to our colon to repopulate. When choosing a probiotic its important to choose one with a high level of colony forming units (at least 10 billion) and one that contains multiple strains of bacteria (at least 4). Its also important to make sure it doesn't contain any extra toxic ingredients that are not necessary. 


Magnesium is used for several different metabolic functions in the body. It keeps our bones and muscles functioning, it keeps us calm, it supports digestion keeping us regular, and lowers inflammation. We like to use a chelated form of magnesium so its better absorbed by the body. 

Fish Oil

Essential fatty acids are essential to our health keeping our brains happy, lowering inflammtion, and supports our cardiovascular system. We always say to make sure the fish oil supplement has been third party tested being certified in Fish Oil Standards. This ensures it is free of heavy metals and other impurities. Oftentimes other fish oils you find contain high levels of mercury that overload our system with toxins. Also its best to look for total omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA & DHA. 


A good multivitamin can provide you with all your necessary vitamins and minerals. A couple things we like to look for is if it contains folate and vitamin B12 is sourced from methylcobalamin. 


We hope this has been useful to get an idea of what supplement protocol you should be on. Everyone is unique but for the most part we are lacking in these specific nutrients. 

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    Thank you! This has been very helpful!

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