Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Progressive Nutracare has taken the stress away from shopping and included a Christmas Gift Guide. It includes some of our top products that will make some great gifts for you or your loved ones. 


1. IQ Air Pro-First in air quality, the world's best air purifier. It is rated #1 for asthma & allergy sufferers. This features hyperHEPA filtration technology for superior airborne particle removal. It is tested and certified by an independent third party lab to effectively filter harmful ultrafine pollution particles. Click this link for more details and to shop now

2. Magic Mud Toothpaste & Oral Rinse-Ditch the unhealthy colgate and give your teeth a nice refreshing effective & safe clean by adding in Magic Mud products. Magic Mud features an enamel-safe coconut shell charcoal is a powerful, all-natural tooth whitener that removes plaque with every use. Activated coconut shell charcoal pulls stains from the pores of the teeth and has powerful detoxifying properties that are proven safe and meet numerous oral care standards. And even better, all their products are non-GMO, flouride free, & vegan. Click the link to shop all of our different flavors

3. Essential Oil Diffusers-There has been an increase in interest of essential oils in the last decade. People are very interested in replacing their synthetic products with more natural, safe products. Green Air Inc. are your experts in aroma diffuser technology. They recognize the natural benefits essential oils provide, and one of the best ways to enjoy their remedial qualities is with a diffuser. GreenAir wholesale diffusers fill the air and your senses with the beneficial aromas of essential oils through a variety of technologies: ultrasonic, atomizing, and fan diffusion. They specialize in designing and supplying beautiful diffusers with convenient features to meet all of your needs. Check out our beautiful selection of diffusers by clicking this link

4. Progressive Wellness Bundle-Our progressive wellness bundle includes all of the necessary products to maintain a strong and healthy life. We cover all of the bases for gut health, cardiovascular health, muscle health, blood sugar balance, brain function, and much more. Who doesn't want to feel energized, calm sugar cravings, have healthy digestion, and less stress? Our formulas target all of these issues that most people deal with every day. Another great thing about this bundle is after taking this and implementing a healthy diet you will notice improvements in a short amount of time. Some people see improvement in as less as 30 days! Click the link for better health!

5. Progressive Weight Loss Bundle-With our Progressive Weight Loss Bundle we have provided products that not only target weight loss but is done in a safe and effective way. We have everything you need to support healthy fat loss, increased energy, and stabilize blood sugar to decrease cravings. No more wasting money on products that don't work-we have done the work for you and have everything you need to meet your weight loss goals. Our products contain only natural ingredients to support your bodies natural weight loss mechanisms. Take control of that missing link and add this bundle to your weight loss regimen. Click the link to shop now

6. Alkaline Filter Pitcher-With this pitcher filter system it provides you with clean water by adding negative hydroxyl ions, which lowers the oxidative reduction potential giving the water molecules a negative charge. The activated carbon reduces chlorine and improves taste and odor. It also includes far infrared ceramic balls to mineralize and energize. Click this link to shop now

7. Enviro Glass Water Bottle-Made from high-grade borosilicate lead free glass, this 20 oz. glass is easy to fill, easy to use, easy to grip, looks sporty – and sure to be your new favorite bottle! Comes in 4 different colors and easy to wash. Click the link to shop now

8. Badger Basic Shave Set-Whether you're gifting to a wet shaving enthusiast or a beginner, the Badger Wet Shave Set is sure to impress. Contains one 2oz bottle of Badger Pre-Shave Oil to soften and lift hairs; one all-natural Badger Shave Soap with a rich, soothing lather; and one 4oz Badger After Shave Face Tonic. If you are looking for more natural shaving products for your guy then this is the perfect gift. Click link to shop now

9. GM Collin Skincare-G.M. Collin develops superior skin care products, from preventive care to combating the first signs of aging and for mature skin, achieving unmatched results for all skin types and conditions, thanks to its recognized expertise and innovative ingredients. All formulas are professional grade and are fragrance free, paraben free, & alcohol free. Click the link to find the perfect products for your skin needs.

10. Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Collagen Protein-Bone Broth Collagen in Pure from Ancient Nutrition is a powdered drink supplement that contains 15 grams of collagen from whole food sources. This gut-friendly, paleo-friendly powder includes types I, II, and III collagen, along with the nutrient co-factors found in bone broth. This powder works to support healthy looking skin, hair, and nails, and also promotes joint health, elasticity, and flexibility. Click link to shop now

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