Adrenal Health- The Stress Gland: Rethink My Health Podcast Episode 10

Adrenal Health- The Stress Gland: Rethink My Health Podcast Episode 10
Welcome to episode 10 of Rethink my Health podcast where we discuss healthcare topics that matter the most. We get to the root cause and empower you, the listener, to take charge of your health. On today’s episode of Rethink my health, Dr. Gez Agolli and Dr. Cheryl Burdette will be talking about Adrenal Health – The Stress Gland. Listen in to the team discuss how stressors in our environment have a physiological effect on our body and our health. Most people think of stress and think work stress or family stress. But do you think of emotional stress, chemical stress, or stress from an infection or an illness? Dr. Burdette will discuss how the adrenal glands work and how they support your body’s ability to respond to stress. The team will then dive into natural and integrative strategies to support adrenal function. Proper nutrition is critical but it’s easy to fall short in a stressful world. Nutritional supplementation is a great way to support adrenal function. Learn about how vitamin C, Vitamin B6, adrenal glandular extracts, adaptogenic herbs, and others can optimize your bodies adrenal function. How does adrenal function become compromised? What are the symptoms of adrenal fatigue? What can you do to support the adrenal gland? Listen to this week’s episode of Rethink My health to learn more.

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